2012 Superhero Crawl Charity Partner: Future Kind

The Commish May 26, 2012 0
2012 Superhero Crawl Charity Partner: Future Kind

Each year the Superhero Crawl chooses a charity beneficiary for us to raise funds for. Last year we raised money for the Washoe County School District and this year we will be partnering with a local charity named Future Kind.

Our goal for fundraising this year is $3,000.00, and we’re extremely excited to surpass it!

About Future Kind

Future Kind is a brand new organization that seeks to provide communities around the world with little or no resources with fundamental health and knowledge infrastructure. From their own words:

Future Kind was created by a diverse community of people (artists, educators and scientists) with a strong belief that through education and improved infrastructure, we can help close the opportunity gap and build communities that are in harmony with themselves and the environment.

This year, the organization is producing a summer camp for high school students that will teach a wide range of disciplines from permaculture to DJing, with the hope of showing children the vast range of activities and communities where they can get involved in their community while teaching them valuable skills.

For more information, please visit www.futurekind.org, and help us all make a difference here and around the world.