Top 8 of the world’s most popular game companies (Part 2)

Namco Bandai Have you ever played with PacMan? If that is the case, then you possibly know the brand Namco has made. The entertainment center is the perfect location for the other Japanese gaming business to exploit by selling bulk arcade game machines with exclusive games to the manufacturers. In the 1980s, Namco Bandai reiterated […]

Top 8 of the world’s most popular game companies (Part 1)

Game is possibly an indispensable part of each one of us. Since it allows us to ease problems in life, often it can even help us promote further brain growth. So, have you ever asked what sort of games you’re playing are developed by companies? This article would show you the world’s largest gaming corporations […]

Close-up of player classes in video gaming graphics Soul Worker

Following the end of the worldwide evaluation, developer Lion Games and Japanese publisher NHN PlayArt have recently posted a series of videos showcasing highlights in Soul Worker. The key points include the introduction of the character system, the battle scenes and a few other details. The date of the next test has not been publicly […]

Discover the top 5 iOS Fortnite Smartphone alternatives

Since Fortnite Mobile was blocked on iOS, a number of players were looking for the best alternatives. Fortnite Mobile, like PUBG Mobile, has been extremely popular both in India and in other countries. 1. Rules of Survival Rules of Survival is one of the newest sandbox games in the block and has several comparisons to […]

Top 7 Most Successful Video Game Companies (P3)

Today, we will continue with some of the most successful video game companies in the world, namely Rockstar Games, Activision Blizzard, and Epic Games. 5 /Rockstar Games In 1999, Rockstar games was born after the BMG games was taken over by Take-Two Interactive. The company is well-known for its Grand Theft Auto series. In 2014, […]

Top 7 Most Successful Video Game Companies (P2)

In the previous part, we knew two out of seven most successful video game companies namely Sony Computer Entertainment Sony Computer Entertainment and Nintendo. Today, we will continue with two more names Mojang and EA. 3/ Mojang There is a wide range of video game firms that made more money than Mojang. However, it is […]

Top 7 Most Successful Video Game Companies (P1)

The video game industry is developing rapidly. The market size of the world’s video game industry was worth $78 billion in 2017. It is estimated to hit $90 billion in 2020. However, the market is dominated by some successful video game companies. Here are the top seven most famous ones in the world. 1/ Sony […]