Close-up of player classes in video gaming graphics Soul Worker

Following the end of the worldwide evaluation, developer Lion Games and Japanese publisher NHN PlayArt have recently posted a series of videos showcasing highlights in Soul Worker. The key points include the introduction of the character system, the battle scenes and a few other details. The date of the next test has not been publicly […]

Hottest Female Online Game Characters (Part 3)

If you think that online game players are only impressed by the strong male characters, you should think again. Nowadays, many young players are keen on games with female characters with an attractive appearance. The followings are some of the hottest female online game characters. 1/ Anya Stroud Players can almost miss Anya Stroud in […]

Hottest Female Online Game Characters (Part 2)

Many people think that online games are famous for strong male characters. There are a lot of the hottest female online game characters that youngsters are keen on. In the previous part, we learned about three out of the hottest female characters of online games, namely Alex (Oxenfree), Allie (Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the […]

Most Iconic Female Video Game Characters in 21st Century

Thanks to the introduction of the Internet, video games are becoming more popular and popular. The players are impressed and influenced by characters involving the games. The followings are the most iconic video game character of the 21st century. 1/Alex (Oxenfree) Alex is a character of an Oxenfree online game. The teenager, together with their […]

Top Richest Online Game Developers Worldwide

In the past two decades, playing online games has become a fantastic hobby for young people. With a large number of players, the number of the online game development firms has also increased significantly. The followings are the richest game developers in the world. 1/ Sony Company Entertainment Valued at $13.4 billion, Sony Computer Entertainment, […]

Top Five Famous Characters in Video Games

Many people are interested in how an online game plays, looks, and feels. However, some are impressed by the online games thanks to the attractive characters. The followings are the most memorable and influential online game characters. Pac-Man Pac-Man was one of the first recognizable online game characters to appear in the world. In 1980 […]

The Most Influential Characters in Video Games of All Time

Whether they are battle-worn grunt, hearty plumber, or cute-sey farmyard animal, the colorful stars of video games have become emblems of their eras. Mario, Sonic, and more of the gaming world maybe even closer to the hearts of fans than any Hollywood icon could be. In this article, we have painstakingly assembled our list of […]