Following the end of the worldwide evaluation, developer Lion Games and Japanese publisher NHN PlayArt have recently posted a series of videos showcasing highlights in Soul Worker.

The key points include the introduction of the character system, the battle scenes and a few other details. The date of the next test has not been publicly announced.

Haru Estia (Soul Sword)

Erwin Arclight (GunJazz)

Lily Bloomerchen (MistScythe)

For those who do not know about Soul Worker, in 2011, when the NSX Game was the newly formed Lion Games, Soul Worker was only in beta testing, and the development process began until 2012. As a result, official production takes just three years. The game has been reviewed on a variety of platforms and is currently running on the Havok Vision Engine platform.

Many popular online Gaming news outlets have posed questions to interview game creators as well as game publishers at the recent press conference. 

Lion Games has also reported that Soul Worker is going to be a diverse and sexy action game, not just a dull “hover and click” game like the old ones. The skill method, the measurement of the damage done as well as the entry of the character has also been improved.

It is understood that Soul Worker will begin playing with three character classes: Haru Estia (SoulumSword), Erwin Arclight (GunJazz) and Lily Bloomerchen (MistScythe). We can guess the arms and the combat style from the first call: a Knight with a powerful sword, or a Thien Xue with a powerful gunshot, and finally a strange enchanted Scythe. There will be a different voiceover and narration for each audio portion of the game for the Japanese server.

In addition, a variety of visual templates have been updated for the Japanese market, including some of the more enticing images below. The main protagonist character-Solemn Sword-has subtly changed her facial features to get her closer to the anime. It seems that Lion Games is still an anime fanatic, and Hangame’s requests are quickly acknowledged as he says that Japanese society is anime style.