The Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) has been developed complicatedly around the world. The governments must order the lockdown and the social distancing to prevent the widespread of the disease.

If you feel bored when staying at home, eating and sleeping all day due to the travel restrictions, you should try some new online games to reduce boredom and improve happiness.

The followings are top five online games that you can play during the coronavirus lockdown without the download.

1/ Moto X3M Bike Race Game

This bike racing game allows you to unleash your bike riding skills. All you need is to take your bike, wear a helmet on your head, and stand ready to beat the clock on the challenging road circuits. The difficulties and obstacles will increase as you progress in different 25 addictive levels.

If you are interested in driving a bike on track as you have never done before, you should not miss Moto X3M Bike Race Game. This virtual racing environment can keep you busy for hours in a scary and uncertain period.

When playing, you can perform many cool stunts to get your bike through the deadly loops and tricks to achieve the victory of the online motor racing game.

2/ The Office Guy Game Overview

The Office Guy is a new action-packed online game where the corporate environment is different from what you have ever seen. On this game, both manager and boss are very cruel and may kill the staff in case they are not obeyed their regulations. Your task is to help protect the staff from the boss.

You will have a total of ten tasks to complete the game. You need to take a briefcase to bring it to a successful end. Initially, you will have a baseball bat. You should play wisely to unlock new awesome weapons such as shotguns, machine guns, and a dangerous rocket launcher. (To be continued)