In the previous part, we learned about some best online games for you to play for free during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Today, we will continue with the remaining three out of the top five online games which are suitable to reduce boredom on the COVID-19 lockdown.

3/Pool 8 Ball Game

With full of entertainment and fun, this free online game is sufficient enough to let you practice your billiard playing skill. The only thing you need is to use the cue ball to push other balls to any of the six holes on the pool table.

The Pool 8 Ball Game allows you to play with a timer or play versus another player who is chosen by you. You should try to score only your balls and avoid scoring a cue ball in the pool.

This is one of the best billiard online games with amazing graphics, cool background music, and simple controls. You can only spend a few minutes downloading this wonderful platform where contain unlimited fun possibilities.

4/ Airplane Fight Game

Airplane Fight Game allows you to control an airplane which is equipped with many weapons. This game helps you improve your decision making power when you have to clear all the levels of the best adventure games for boys. Playing this game in the computers or mobile phone will help you give boring hours a matchless fun treat.

Your task is to clear all the bad airplanes on the sky and permit you to cover the maximum distance. You can destroy all enemies and make your nation feel proud.

5/ Highway Rider Extreme Game

If you are keen on bike racing and want to enjoy your obsession with speed in the virtual world, Highway Rider Extreme is a must-try free online game for you to play. This free bike racing game will teach you the way to dominate the highways via your ultimate two-wheeler driving skills.

You can ride your motorbike at a speed of 180 mph to get through the crowded road. However, you should ensure that there is no crash with any other vehicle on the road.