Many people think that online games are famous for strong male characters. There are a lot of the hottest female online game characters that youngsters are keen on.

In the previous part, we learned about three out of the hottest female characters of online games, namely Alex (Oxenfree), Allie (Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch, and Aloy (Horizon Zero Dawn). Today, we will name five more.

1/ Jade Aldemir (Dying Light)

Jade Aldemir turns heads from the beginning of awesome open-world zombie game Dying Light released by Techland in 2005. She saves the main character Crane from a monster attack. She is one of the most favorite video game girls thanks to her determination, rebellious look, and passion.

2/ Solai (Horizon Zero Dawn)

Solai is one of many pretty girls in Horizon Zero Dawn released by Guerrilla Games in 2017 with a great story and a rich explorable world. She is part of the sidequest “A Daughter’s Vengeance.”

3/ Quiet (The Phantom Pain)

Quiet is an assassin at The Phantom Pain released by Konami in 2015. She drinks and breathes via her skin, hindering her from wearing much clothing. This ruthless and efficient character impresses many online game players.

4/ Ada Wong (Resident Evil)

Ada Wong is a female character of Resident Evil installments from 2 to 6. This assassin has a variety of outfits and jobs over her stories and looks awesome in every single one. Many young players are impressed by her mysteriousness and ambiguity.

5/ Rosalina (Super Mario Galaxy)

Rosalina appeared for the first time in Super Mario Galaxy released by Nintendo in 2007. The cheerful girl supports Mario in rescuing Princess Peach. She promises to watch over the hero when he successfully collects all 120 stars. She is also a character in Super Smash Bros Ultimate.