If you think that online game players are only impressed by the strong male characters, you should think again. Nowadays, many young players are keen on games with female characters with an attractive appearance.

The followings are some of the hottest female online game characters.

1/ Anya Stroud

Players can almost miss Anya Stroud in the first two Gears of War games. However, this Scandinavian beauty comes into her own in the third phase of Gears of War. Online game developer Epic Games created Anya Stroud to become one of the most badass and intimidating female online game characters of all time. However, it is the attractiveness of the role in the third installment of the Gears of War.

2/ Bonnie Mcfarlane

Bonnie Mcfarlane is not the main character of Red Dead Redemption. However, she plays an important role in the life of Marston, especially when she rescues his life.

She is not a Wild West Woman in any way. She is a dab hand with a rifle and dishes out hellfire to anyone who threatens her farm, family, and friends.

3/ Faith

Faith is such a hot online game lady for various reasons. She only wears normal cloths, is not incredibly buxom, and needn’t be saved.

She is a Runner and trying to keep law and order in the problematic dystopian society in Mirror’s Edge and its successor Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst.

4/ Elena Fisher

Besides Sully and Nathan Drake, Elena Fisher is one of the three main characters of the Uncharted series.

Elena Fisher is a brave investigative journalist and a foreign correspondent. She ends up accompanying Nathan Drake on his perilous adventures. She can cope with the dangers better than he does.


Cortana is one of the central characters of the Halo. Cortana is not technically a woman, but she is an AI with a female appearance and voice.

However, that does not prevent her from being one of the most recognizable online game characters. She works as a moral compass of Master Chief. She is also a trusted companion and is nearly equal to him in every way.