Top 8 of the world’s most popular game companies (Part 2)

Namco Bandai Have you ever played with PacMan? If that is the case, then you possibly know the brand Namco has made. The entertainment center is the perfect location for the other Japanese gaming business to exploit by selling bulk arcade game machines with exclusive games to the manufacturers. In the 1980s, Namco Bandai reiterated […]

Top 8 of the world’s most popular game companies (Part 1)

Game is possibly an indispensable part of each one of us. Since it allows us to ease problems in life, often it can even help us promote further brain growth. So, have you ever asked what sort of games you’re playing are developed by companies? This article would show you the world’s largest gaming corporations […]

Five Best Online Games to Play for Free on Lockdown (p1)

The Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) has been developed complicatedly around the world. The governments must order the lockdown and the social distancing to prevent the widespread of the disease. If you feel bored when staying at home, eating and sleeping all day due to the travel restrictions, you should try some new online games to […]

Epic Games-World’s Famous Online Games Company

Epic MegaGames, formerly known as Potomac Computer Systems, was established by Tim Sweeney in 1991 while he was still learning at the University of Maryland. Potomac was then renamed into Epic MegaGames as an effort to make this person studio seem larger. As the expectation, Epic MegaGames had 50 employees by 1997. One year later, […]