Surfing the web gaming – a need for entertainment useful not just teenagers. It is also attractive to many classes including middle-aged and elderly. And to meet the needs of users, mushrooming game companies are constantly competing in the market.

In order for players to have the best choice, here we would like to take a look at the top 4 leading game development companies causing storms today.

Sparx game development company

This is a leading game developer famous for its high quality visual effects. Founded in 1995, Sparx quickly built a portfolio of over 1,000 TV commercials. Has been broadcast on 5 continents. With the release of IGOR, the game development company Sparx took the throne and release a 3D feature of Hollywood.

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Divmob game company

Divmob is the name that shines in the mobile game development village. A rich game development company with huge potential at hand. Hold in hand with over 10 game versions on both iOS and Android platforms. This is also the potential to attract gamers who converge here most aggressively. And the product considered the pinnacle of Divmob is Ninja revenge. Reached 1 million downloads in just 21 days. And that number doesn’t stop there, but it jumped to 2 million in the first month and now more than 4 million downloads.

Digital Works game company

Game developer Digital Works was born in 2007 to produce software, games, and online games. Featured with character design techniques, draw the context on the 2D interface and perform activities for characters in the game genres. Products created by Digital Works always ensure high quality.

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Konami game company

Konami is a large corporation operating in various fields including game development, card games, slot games, gambling. But most of their revenue comes from video game development. Leading game development company Konami produces many famous titles such as Slient Hill, Metal Gear action series and is priced at $ 3.24 billion.