Namco Bandai

Have you ever played with PacMan? If that is the case, then you possibly know the brand Namco has made. The entertainment center is the perfect location for the other Japanese gaming business to exploit by selling bulk arcade game machines with exclusive games to the manufacturers. In the 1980s, Namco Bandai reiterated its popularity at a time when the computer game industry was only in its infancy. The business has thrived with the launch of a series of successful, highly lucrative games, such as Tekken, Naruto or Dark Souls.


Sega is one of the oldest gaming businesses in the world 

The group not only manufactures its own game consoles, but also researches and creates a range of famous games, including Sonic the Hedgehog. Below the highly evolved Sega is a software research and development team. Create a competitive game. The company is currently spending some of its money in a variety of other firms.


The corporation not only manufactures computer games, but Nintendo also invests in the market for dedicated gaming consoles with popular products such as 3DS and gameboy advance… The company has been in business for almost 30 years, but it has done a great deal. , the rising sun gaming corporation plays an important part in transforming the face of the game industry in the world. Mario is the company’s most emblematic game character, and he’s also the most famous game character in the world. The corporation also owns hundreds of other enticing titles, which are unique to the gaming consoles they make.

Microsoft Studios 

Microsoft Studios is a division of Microsoft Technology, the corporation that developed the Xbox game console, and surprisingly, it was Microsoft’s groundbreaking card to dominate the gaming industry and gain great popularity. 


Sony is the biggest game company in the world. The company is the maker of the Sony PlayStation Series (PS), the most popular of which is PS2-the best-selling game console of all time with more than 400 million units sold to date. The success of Sony game consoles makes video games more available to all and thus increases competition, making the game better and better. Sony’s popular games include God of War, Gran Turismo…