Many people are interested in how an online game plays, looks, and feels. However, some are impressed by the online games thanks to the attractive characters. The followings are the most memorable and influential online game characters.


Pac-Man was one of the first recognizable online game characters to appear in the world. In 1980 when there was a limit to how much detail could be achieved, a yellow circle eating white dots was what we have. The character was even honored with a Google Doodle in 2020.


In 1996, pocket monsters became the most recognizable character in the world. However, Pokémon Red and Blue made their character Pokémon more creative via the Game Boy’s link cable, allowing player trade and battle them. Thanks to this innovation, the game was changed from an individual experience to a social one, and Pokémon became a famous character worldwide. Until now, the Pokémon series have had 76 games, 20 films, and over 800 different Pokémon.


Mario is a character of the Donkey Kong video game launched in 1981. During the game, the player has to control a mustachioed with a red-and-blue clad carpenter to rescue his girlfriend from a giant ape. After the super-catchy names such as “Mr. Video” and “Jumpman,” the nameless character then was named as Mario, the plumber in 1983. Nowadays, Mario becomes the mascot of the world’s leading game producer Nintendo.

Lara Croft

When most of the online game characters were all male heroes, Lara Croft is a long-standing strong female lead. The pistol-toting archaeologist is recognized with paving the way for other online game heroines. Like many female characters, Lara Croft’s appearance was attracted to many debates over the years. 

Gordon Freeman

Gordon Freeman is the favorite hero of the Haft-Life series at the Science Museum. Unlike the muscle-bound super-soldiers, theoretical physicist Freeman accidentally opens an interdimensional rift and must battle the ensuing alien invasion without any military training. Nowadays, many producers also use scientists as reluctant action heroes in games such as Dead Space and Prey.